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Abstract: Decoding ballast HZ

Decoding ballast HZ


Product use: Mainly used for car lights to change the original brightness of the car. Car model: suitable for various car models, and can be used for small cars and trucks. Product color: silver/black Product advantages: high brightness, using the same wattage HID, brightness

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Product Usage:
Mainly used for car lights to change the original brightness of the car.
Car model:
It is suitable for all kinds of car models, and can be used for small cars and trucks.
color of the product:
Silver Black
Product advantages:
High brightness, using the same wattage HID, the brightness is about 23 times that of tungsten filament lamps. althoughModified xenon lampThe luminous arc is the same as the length and diameter of the tungsten filament of the halogen lamp, but the luminous efficiency and brightness are increased by nearly 3 times.
Super energy saving, compared with tungsten filament lamps, it can save nearly half of the electric energy. Air conditioners, GPS car phones and other equipment require electricity, and car lighting headlights are one of the most electricity-consuming auto parts. The advantage of saving half of the electricity is obvious.
Long lifespan. Because the filament is not used and there is no defect that traditional lamps are easy to break, the life of HID is also increased by nearly 10 times, and it can be used for about 2000-3000 hours.
Security, in fact, this is the greatest charm of HID. Many car owners who have used HID respond that they have good sight lines with HID lights, and the safety of night driving is greatly improved. This is mainly because the multiple beams and intensities brought by HID lights are more effective than simple far and near beam settings, which can greatly improve the lighting in front of the car and illuminate roadside signs. These are of no importance to the safety of driving. Doubtful.
Emergency, due to the different lighting principles of xenon lamps and halogen lamps, when the battery power supply fails, it will be extended for a few seconds before going out, so that the owner has a certain time to deal with the emergency.
Product performance:
*Waterproof: comply with DIN 40050 regulations and standards;
*Dustproof: comply with SAE J575 regulations and standards;
*Shockproof: Comply with DIN 40046 regulations and standards.
Digital circuit design, constant power output: The performance of the product will not be affected by the different tube pressure differences caused by the use of different brands of HID tubes or aging HID tubes, and the output power remains unchanged, ensuring the ballast And the service life of HID tube.
Under-voltage protection: In order to prevent the HID lamp tube from exhausting the energy of the car battery, causing the car to fail to start normally, when the voltage of the car's battery is lower than 9V, the ballast intelligent system automatically cuts off and stops working.
Overvoltage protection: In order to prevent the HID lamp tube and other vehicle equipment from being burned out when the voltage is too high, and to allow the owner to discover the vehicle's failure in time, when the vehicle's power supply system and battery fail, and the voltage ≥16V, the ballast (Ballast) The intelligent system automatically cuts off and stops working.
Output short circuit and open circuit protection: When an accident or short circuit or open circuit occurs, the ballast intelligent system immediately cuts off the circuit to prevent the danger of electric shock or explosion of the fuel tank and ensure life safety.
Reverse protection: When the "+" "-" polarity of the power supply is reversed, the ballast will not be damaged.
Load type: HID 45W Xenon Bulb
Input voltage: 18~36V DC
Working current: 2.4-2.6A
Maximum starting current: 5A
Operating temperature: -40℃~+105℃
The warranty is 18 months.
Delivery time, method:
The order will be shipped from the factory within 3 days after the order is placed.
product keeper:
Pay attention to waterproof and firm when installing
Production series:
It can be used for 12V quick-start, 24V truck special and decoding series products.

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