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Is the quick start ballast related to the service life of the hernia lamp?


At present, the basic situation of the automotive lighting market is the coexistence of halogen lamps, HID xenon car lamps, and LED car lamps, which is like the "Three Kingdoms" trend in the ancient Three Kingdoms period. In addition, light has long been listed as a major item of car safety in foreign countries. According to the proportion of traffic accidents, light is a major factor.

The performance of the bulb directly affects the brightness and darkness of night lighting, and it is related to the safety of driving. Inferior bulbs have short lifespan, insufficient brightness, poor focus, and short range. When overtaking, the driver will have an optical illusion, which is prone to accidents. In addition, inferior lamps are not tightly sealed, and water is easy to enter in rainy days or during car washes, which will cause fog in the lamps. In severe cases, it will cause short circuits and fires. Therefore, do not consider inferior bulbs when you modify the headlights yourself or need to be replaced due to damage.

HID xenon headlights have a long distance and high brightness. They are suitable for seeing dark roads at night. They can effectively improve the safety of driving at night and reduce the difficulty of driving at night. At present, they are widely used as high beam lights in high-end vehicles. It is strongly recommended to install a lens for the xenon lamp modified in the later stage. Do not turn on the high beam without a green isolation belt in the middle of the urban road.

At present, there are ballasts for positive pressure operation and negative pressure operation on the market. The main difference is the built-in chip. The operating system makes the sodium in the bulb move quickly and accelerates the color decay and the light decay to shorten the bulb life, but the advantage is low price.

When installing the xenon headlights, after turning on the power, the low-voltage (12V) car power supply is increased to more than 20,000 volts by a transformer in an instant to activate the xenon in the xenon bulb to generate 3000-12000K color temperature in the arc, thereby activating the xenon Lamp lighting. Simply put, the ballast is mainly responsible for the normal ignition of the xenon lamp. Without the ballast, the xenon lamp cannot be ignited normally, let alone normal work. Therefore, the quality of the ballast determines the success of the car owners to modify the xenon lamp.

To popularize the importance of the quality and selection of ballasts. At present, xenon headlights are the most popular modification method in lighting modification. In addition to lenses and xenon bulbs, ballasts are vital to the entire xenon headlight system. It is the core of driving the bulb and the core of protecting the entire system. Its quality determines the life and safety of your headlights, whether it can flash, interfere, etc.

The main chip brands are: Haier, PLC, ST, OSRAM... Valeo's ballasts are highly evaluated in the market. Since there is no short circuit or open circuit protection, if they do not match the bulb, they will be repeatedly discharged. Currently, only Philips and Osram , Iwasaki and other big brand xenon lamps can be matched.

The above picture is a stabilizer bought from Japan, and I have to admire the advanced craftsmanship of Japan. The pure silver used in the internal bridging wire is very particular about the materials and the workmanship is also quite fine.

The chip adopts the hollow process, and the senior engineer introduced that there is currently no domestic manufacturer that can produce this level.

There are three types of stabilizers:

The first type is ordinary ballast, commonly known as transformer, ballast, and current stabilizer!

The second is the quick-start ballast. The start-up time of ordinary ballasts is longer than 3 seconds. Some manufacturers produce quick-start ballasts that can light up in 1 second.

The third type is the decoding ballast. The decoding ballast is to install a decoding system so that the car no longer has an alarm.

In order to save costs, some manufacturers produce small-scale circuit boards, which reduce many electronic components and reduce the power of transformers. They have become "small horse-drawn carts". The heat dissipation is not good, and after-sales problems occur soon after use.

The testing procedures for the circuit board design are: programming→circuit board proofing→writing program→high temperature test (85℃-100℃, test for about one week)→low temperature test (-40℃)→aging test→send to a small part Customer feedback → mass production.

Circuit board solutions are generally programmed by the factory itself, and there is no fixed code name. The same components, with different parameters, may not be suitable for other manufacturers' products. Circuit board solutions generally involve product compatibility and service life.

The main reason why the stabilizer is hot when used is that the electrical energy is converted into heat energy and then converted into light energy during use. The internal components, transformers and power tubes, dissipate more heat, and the others can be ignored.

Circuit boards are generally divided into DC and AC, and the service life of DC is very short, generally about three to four months. The DC circuit board can save a lot of electronic components, so the cost is lower. Many factories do not have development capabilities, and are purely plagiarizing circuit boards from other manufacturers. Due to the lack of core technology, performance will be greatly reduced. Although the appearance looks similar, it is very different in actual use.

The shell material of the ballast affects the heat dissipation of the product. The shell of the qualified ballast is generally pure aluminum alloy, and the high-end is magnesium aluminum alloy. The inspection method is mainly based on weight and feel. (Aluminum alloy with low purity is slower to dissipate heat) The advantage of magnesium-aluminum alloy is that it dissipates heat quickly. The only downside is that it is easy to generate dust during the production process of die-casting and grinding. To avoid risks, manufacturers generally rarely use magnesium-aluminum alloy for production.

The quality of the ballast is stable. If it fails, it may also be the quality of the bulb. The test proves that the rated power of the actual car lamp is 35 watts, and when a 55 watt ballast is equipped, the bulb will generally be damaged.

The latest product non-polar capacitor, regardless of positive and negative poles. Ordinary capacitors will be damaged if they are plugged in reverse. Researchers said that the research of a circuit board often consumes a lot of time, money and energy.

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