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The solution of refitting and decoding xenon lamp


In recent years, car lamp modification has become more and more popular, especially the modification of xenon headlights, which has become more popular, but a problem often encountered in modifying xenon lamps is, what should I do when encountering decoded models? Otherwise, it is easy to burn the trip computer

What are the ways to modify the xenon lamp to encounter the decoding model?

At present, there are various ways of vehicle driving computer detection, the common ones are pulse detection, power detection, waveform detection, and multiple detection. According to the input signal of the trip computer is converted into digital form, the current common ways of decoding are:

1. Capacitance decoding.

The usual way is to use a capacitor to filter the detection of the light bulb by the trip computer, and the connection method is parallel. (Connect a capacitor in parallel with the positive and negative ends of the power cord) According to the size of the detection signal output by the trip computer, 22000UF and 4700UF are usually used.

This kind of decoding method is for pulse detection and waveform detection models, such as Mercedes-Benz, Buick, Chevrolet and other models.


1. The capacitor needs to be distinguished between the positive and negative poles, and can not be connected reversely, it will burn the capacitor;

2. Choose imported capacitors as much as possible, because domestic capacitors have serious false standards.

Decoding principle: Because the waveform value output by the trip computer is short and can be absorbed by the capacitor, the current that reaches the ballast is a direct wave current, thereby achieving decoding.

What are the ways to modify the xenon lamp to encounter the decoding model?

2. Resistance decoding.

Usually the decoding method on the car is calculated as Ohm's law R (resistance)=U (voltage) / I (current)

For example, after the car is started, the voltage is 14V, and the halogen bulb current 5A requires a resistance of 2.8Ω. (The vehicle current reading can be done with a multimeter, just take the approximate value.)

The disadvantage of this decoding method is that the resistor itself heats up, and the advantage is that the decoding rate is high. It is not recommended to use on car circuits, there is a risk of burning

3. Modify the CAN protocol of the trip computer.

Mainly for Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, etc., the decoding software used is 5053. For a conventional car, you only need to install the VCDS software, find the vehicle OBD interface under the driver's seat, plug in 5053, open the software, find the xenon mode in the 09 central electrical system of the software, tick it, and execute it. (The xenon mode of some models is in 46, the central comfort system), this liberation method is the most scientific. (The new Sagitar will cause the daytime running lights to go out after turning on the xenon mode)

BMW uses ESYS engineer software, NCS engineer software, Ruijin software, etc.

Fox decoding only needs 327 software, which can be matched with the decoding software downloaded from the official website.

What are the ways to modify the xenon lamp to encounter the decoding model?

4. Line group decoding.

It is mainly true for Korean cars. After installing the imported ballast, the left and right bulbs flicker due to the large starting current, so only a single light wire group is needed to solve the problem. In fact, normally speaking, these cars are not within the scope of decoding. Representatives are: Suo Ba, Lang Dong, etc.

Five, multiple decoding.

At present, there are more and more new models, and the CAN protocol is becoming more and more complicated. First, when you get a car, you must first determine which method of judgment is used to detect the light bulb. Then which kind of decoding is the method. For example, New Fox, 14 guides, etc. Their driving computer's judgment method is multiple judgments, and it is difficult to get them using conventional decoding. For models with multiple judgments, if you can modify the trip computer as much as possible, consider modifying the computer, otherwise it will be unstable.

2. Introduction to Burning Driving Computer

Everyone often encounters that after installing the XX model, the trip computer is burned. The most common is the Octavia high beam. The biggest culprit that caused the original car's trip computer to be burned was interference. Because according to the working principle of the ballast, he has 2 kinds of interference sources:

1. Radiation interference

It is because the radiation generated by the ballast during the boost process, the lightest, is the interference to the vehicle's radio, and there is a rustle. After Roewe 550 flashes, the USB flash drive restarts. Wait, all because of radiation interference.

Solution: First of all, let's think about it. For the original car with xenon lamp, take Crown's white electric equipment as an example. The high-voltage line of the white electric equipment is covered with shielding nets to shield interference signals. When you test the white electrical equipment, you can find that after the positive pole is connected, the negative pole can also be energized when the negative pole is placed on the shielding network. This proves that the shielding signal of the original car is all through and can be conducted outside the car. (This information is provided by Huzhou Jiguang, first published by Yuncheng) Summary: When installing, whether imported or domestically produced, there must be a shielding net, and the shell of the imported ballast is grounded. It can be transmitted to the radiation source. The domestic ballast must have a ground wire, otherwise it will not be able to conduct interference.

2. Conducted interference

Conduction interference is the key factor that really causes the driving computer to burn down. The conduction interference generated by the ballast will be transmitted into the car through the 12V low-voltage line. After being transmitted to the car, it will cause a reverse impact on the driving computer. Later, the IC chip of the trip computer will be broken down. As a result, the computer used to drive the trip was burned. Let's take Baidian as an example. The position of the 12V power input usually has a magnetic ring to filter "conduction interference". Summary: Conducted interference can be filtered by a magnetic ring.

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