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A high-tech company integrating R&D and sales of HID xenon lamps

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Product advantages

In addition to having a team that has been engaged in HID R&D for many years, the company also has the stability of production line personnel.
The annual employee turnover rate in Shenzhen is 300%, while the current employee turnover rate in Jiangxi does not reach 5%.
The employees we choose must be responsible for certification, and the employees are responsible for the quality of each work station to ensure the quality of all products.
Therefore, the continuous improvement of HID technology, innovation and the hard work of production personnel are all guarantees to ensure product quality at the forefront of the industry.

price advantage

The location of the factory provides a strong support for the price competitiveness of the product.
Our factory moved from Shenzhen to Jiangxi. With the support of the government, our factory rent and utility bills have been reduced by 50%.
The basic salary of employees in Shenzhen is 2,300, and the current basic salary is 1,680 yuan, and labor costs have dropped by 27%.
These cost reductions also give us the confidence to make our products the most cost-effective in the industry. The turnover rate has also dropped from 300% per year to 5%.

Channel advantage

In order to reduce conflicts between customers, different molds will be added according to market demand in the same area.
At the same time, a variety of personalized color boxes have been developed for each salesperson, and different areas can be used interchangeably, which greatly protects the interests of customers.
We also provide a gift or rebate policy according to the mode of customer cooperation, so that customers have more competitive strength.
Our customers can also choose a payment pledge method with a pledge deposit ratio higher than the customer refund ratio to ensure cooperation and eliminate all worries for customers.

service advantage

The company has established a customer service department under the principle that products are life and service is guarantee.
The establishment of the customer service department provides customers with better services and also provides customers with more channels to understand the company.
The customer service department is like buying an insurance for the customer, providing protection to the customer.

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